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The consumer should be provided with visual and reliable information about the services provided, the prices on them and the conditions for the provision of services, as well as the forms of service used”

Today hundreds of companies work in the market of climate technology. It should be noted that not all firms consider it their duty to provide the Customer with timely assistance in the selection of equipment, as well as in providing warranty and service maintenance, which is necessary for the reliable operation of air conditioners for a long time.

What You Need To Know When Buying The Air Conditioner

  1. Air conditioning is not standard household appliances, which is enough to plug into the outlet – and it already works. The most important thing here is not the equipment itself, but how professional it will be assembled and how qualified will be its warranty and service.

The guarantee of reliable operation of the air conditioner for a long time is the reputation of specialized companies, where equipment is purchased and its installation is performed, as well as the qualification of the staff performing these works. It is good at aircon chemical wash also.

Practice shows that more than 80% of all defects detected in air conditioning systems in recent years were the result of unqualified installation of climate equipment by various “craftsmen” and one-day firms.

  1. Believe, the problem of a microclimate in your premise can be solved only by the specialized firms having, at least, one-year operational experience in the climate market. Such companies, as a rule, provide the whole range of services – from selection to installation and maintenance of air conditioners, having at the same time highly qualified personnel and considerable technical resources, including the availability of a spare parts warehouse.
  2. Agree that no serious company, no matter what business it does, will never be able to offer you modern equipment and a high level of service at “junk” prices.

Do not trust cheap equipment and free installation

  • Choosing specialized companies that offer air conditioning services, find out the opinion of your friends or friends – who already have air conditioners, whether they are satisfied with the operation of the equipment and the quality of the services provided, whether they had problems with the warranty or service maintenance of the installed equipment.
  • The availability of high-quality equipment of the most prestigious brands, equipped with the latest technology, does not at all guarantee the absence of problems related to the “human factor” – the qualification and the level of training of technical personnel engaged in the selection, installation and maintenance of equipment.

Therefore, turning to a specialized climate firm, make sure that the experience of working in the market and the qualification of the personnel will allow it to perform the work that you trust it.

Ask what services you can offer

  • Learn about the availability of licenses and certificates required to perform the relevant work.
  • Ask how long it will take to complete the entire set of works, including the installation of equipment.
  • During the visit of the project manager, be sure to ask him all the questions concerning the nuances of the air conditioner in your room, express your wishes and ask you to provide you with a written list of the works offered at a price. You can also find the nim collection in angmokio

Listen to his recommendations

Ask who exactly and how will perform the warranty service of installed equipment. Take into account that warranty service should be performed by the installation company and that serious companies will never undertake warranty maintenance of an air conditioner mounted by an unknown person.


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