Tips for an easy DIY Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

The bedroom is undoubtedly the most beloved part of a home as… we’ll a little beauty sleep never hurt anyone. Still, they are almost always forgotten when we are thinking of makeovers. So, what can you do to bring back life into that room where the magic happens?


  • New Bedding


The key to makingyour bed look bigger and brighter is by adding a new duvet to it. It may sound like a simple addition but it will make all the difference if it is the right color. Do not be shy of a little color pop too! Oh, and those new crispy sheets will make you look forward to yourbeauty sleep.


  • New Hardware


A rustic bedside drawer does lots to a room. Replacing old candle holders and adding a vase with either fake or fresh flowers could do some magic too. If you are into classics, and ancient-looking alarm clock will look… well, classic in the room and could change the game without breaking the bank. Brass figurines on top of your dresser and frames with family photos will also be a cool game changer.

Changing the bed is a little pricier than buying a colorful headboard, but it will go a long way in upgrading your bedroom. A little art is also quite cool especially if it is colorful to add some light to the room.


  • De-clutter


Nothing ruins the aesthetics of a room the way clutter does. Remove all the unnecessary items in the room to create space for breathing. Get wickets for your dirty laundry too. If you are a reader, nothing improves your potential for intellectual nourishment than a reading nook, so create room for that. And at the foot of your bed, add a rug. A nice soft rug that massages the soles of your feet after a long day. If it is just the right size and color, it makes the room look bigger.


  • Lighting is everything


The bedroom calls for subdued lighting that gives it the feel of tranquility you want for relaxation. Overheadlights can be too harsh but wall sconces andnightstand lamps are just what the doctor ordered. Three-bulbs make everything that much better as you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood.


  • That Bench


Nothing elevates a bed and the bedroom faster than a bench. These days, they are on all sizes and makes and so you don’t have to settle for tufted if that is not your style. While at it, you could upgrade your bed’s headboard to make it look as good as new.


  • Green Life


Plants not only freshen air as they give out oxygen during photosynthesis, but they also make a room look livelier. Some people cannot keep a plant if their lives depended on it. Not to worry, as there are varieties that are hard to kill. Just ask your vendor for recommendation.


  • Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall… vanities have away of making a rook look bigger. And of course, it does not hurt to see your reflection every time you turn around. Unlike locating a Toronto GST Lawyer, putting all these together may take a few weeks but it will be worth it.


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