Tips to conserve bear properly

Beer enthusiasts give great importance to how to keep beer in the best conditions. A good beer can be spoiled very easily if you do not take the appropriate measures. We are talking about a product that is very sensitive to temperature and light and that is why recently stubby holders are winning the hearts. While using the stubby holders you can follow these tips so that it doesn’t bring you any unpleasant surprises when you open a beer.

The temperature:

Never ever store your beers at room temperature. Craft beer is a living product that is affected by high temperatures (above 12ºC). Would you keep a chop or a sea bass several days at 20ºC? Treat your unpasteurized beer in the same way. Do not let it spoil because of a good heat stroke especially those beers with a marked hops character. The bitterness and aroma of the hops disappears very quickly due to the effect of heat and light. In hopping beers, fresh beers not indicated for aging, ideal for conservation are very low temperatures close to zero degrees. Of course, remember to take them a while before to take them at their ideal temperature.

The Light:

We propose an experiment. Buy two craft beers, the cheapest if you want. The first leave a few hours in full sun and the second put it in the refrigerator. Check the result and compare one with the other. You will see how the one that has been to the sun has caught a terribly unpleasant taste and this is due to the action of light on the hops. It is what the experts call zorrino flavor. There is nothing more terrible for a hopead than to find this flavor in a freshly packaged bear.

So you know, never ever leave your beers in the car in the middle of summer (or in winter), try to never give them light and if the light gives it that it is a Led type so it does not harm your beer.

That your beer does not pass heat, take care of it to the fullest so that when the time comes to open it all its aromas and flavor will come out splendid from your glass to your nose and palate. Save the Beer!


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